Our Cidery

After many years of trials and equipment purchases, we moved our cidery to Bunbartha where we have perfected our art of cider making using a unique blend of Pink Lady, Granny Smith and Sundowner Apples in our main range. Our ciders consist of 100% home grown fruit with no added sugars.

The process takes place at Bunbartha. Firstly, we wash, clean and sort the fruit which is then pulped and pressed.  Yeast is added and initial fermentation takes a week before the cider is racked into another tank and allowed to slowly ferment for a further 6 to 8 weeks.

The cider is then backsweetened,  filtered and placed into pressure tanks to slowly carbonate while chilled. This gives a very small bubble keeping the cider fresh and creamy on the palette without the soda stream effect that forced carbonation gives.

Our batch sizes are usually 2000 litres.  With the constant making and selling, we are able to minimise sulphur used for freshness, to mainly before fermentation. We are constantly trialing different styles with some cider apple varieties planted which will increase the range we make.

The Process

We use a water dump to wash and sort through the fruit removing any rot leaves etc.  The fruit then travels straight into the chopper which gives a good size pulp to pump. The centrifuge does most of the  juice extraction whilst the press finishes it off.

Our Tanks

Initial fermentation takes place in large milk vats before shifting to our variable capacity sealed tanks. The pressure tanks are used during carbonation and bottling .

The Bottling

Our bottling line is in process of a major upgrade as we have lost patience with our little 4 head counter pressure filler that has only ever worked at capacity for one day making bottling one of our hardest processes. Also a new filtering setup using crossflow filters is on the way.

The Labeller 

Our labeller is made by Greater Engineering Australia and has worked a treat.

The Laboratory

An essential part to ensure we get our alcohols right together with consistency in our products.