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Crabby Johnny Premium Cider Review

by Hugh McKellar @ www.realciderreviews.com   I met the guys from Cheeky Grog Co at the Australian Cider Festival a few weeks back. They were keen to show me the Crabby Johnny Cider. Now I get the chance to review it. To tell the story of the Crabby Johnny I need to tell you the story of how an apple is born. Scattered around orchards are Manchurian crab apples.  These crab apples are not grown to be eaten. Instead these randy little trees are the pollinators of the orchard. Devoting all their energy into flowers rather than fruit or growing very tall. In early spring these trees resemble pompoms with their dense flower coverage. Bees are attracted to the flowers like magnets, picking up pollen and spreading it around…

2015 Batlow Cider Festival

2015 Batlow Cider Festival

“These guys from Victoria are so new to the cider scene that their website isn’t even up and running yet but man can they put together a dang tasty cider. This was my pick of the day and rode the balance between sweet and dry very nicely. One of the guys was also good enough to take the time and give me a quick rundown on their brief history and the process they use to make their cider. Top notch considering they were flat out keeping up with demand on the day, thanks mate.” – Boozy Banter Blog Read the full article here.